Tapas workshop


A few weeks ago I was granted the opportunity to participate in a hands on tapas cooking workshop. The workshop took place in a hidden apartment building right off of las ramblas. We were greeted by a wonderful lady who would be our instructor. Once we were inside we were told to wash our hands and put on aprons for we were about to cook; Calamari, tortilla de patatas, y mucho mas. The first thing I did when I saw the ingredients laid out was put it on my snapchat story. Nothing takes priority over the now except for my snapchat when it comes to food. Actually it’s safe to say that about 80% of the content I post any given day is related to food. It’s becoming a bit of an epidemic that I will blame on the hipsters. Now it’s at the point where you can’t even eat the food on the table until everyone has their perfect picture of it. As I mentioned earlier I am the most guilty of this. I also had to add my location to my video on Instagram. What differentiates instagram from snapchat or facebook is that once you click on the location of the photo thousands of other random users photos in that same exact spot appear on that page. Literally thousands of different stories, experiences and recommendation are at your finger tips. This feature is why I follow 25% of the random people who pop up on my feed. I have never met these people but we share this common love for a given place and that manifests into more intstagram followers and potentially actual friendships. I have met a handful of people through common interests and connections on instagram because of this location feature. Anyways once everyone got their pictures we split into several groups and were each assigned a traditional dish. Thankfully I got the calamari station were we simply fried the octopus. All of the stations were chaotic but there was one in particular using a blender and tomato sauce was flying everywhere.  I’m not sure why but an empty plate is a popular as a full one nowadays so naturally everyone including myself documented the damage done on the tapas and again shared this experience with out eager followers. I love that I can share these types of experiences with my friends and family at home despite the fact that they are thousands of miles away. Keeping everyone involved and in the loop is what makes people happy and what better way to do it than with social media.