No surveillance


imgres-7I think the most threatening aspect of social networks is being overshadowed by cyber bullying and false news. We live in a crazy time with crazy values, especially when people would rather protect there feelings and flow of news than there identity and privacy. Although “feelings” and false news are problems no one questions the amount of information Facebook has access to. We learned that Facebook’s face recognition technologies are better than the CIA’s, that in itself is enough to raise some eyebrows. It has also been speculated and proven by some studies and articles like The price of Free that Facebook  sells information to third parties. So whats stopping Zuckerberg from potentially selling this information to the CIA and whats wrong with the CIA having such access? If allowing the CIA certain information sworn private by Facebook is morally wrong then why isn’t selling to advertisers seen in the same light. I think people are too distracted by more popular issues with technology to actually read what they are giving access to when accepting terms and conditions. Reading through all of those pages is a nuisance but perhaps  that is because such companies don’t want you to read them. How is it that the user manual is one sentence and the terms and conditions are 5+ pages. It is such a well known fact that people dont read these conditions that companies have been known to hide financial compensation within the terms and conditions behind a simple email address. Once this issue is addressed I believe a more private platform will be invented and made available free with the same privatization as telegram. We learned that telegrams producers are so serious about privacy that Putin single handedly kicked them out, thats the type of guaranteed security my friends and I can get behind.  Perhaps telegrams producers will even be responsible for this new social media. A safe network like this is necessary because if Facebook or twitter were to go down theres no saying how much information would be exposed. Americans operate under the “if it’s not broken then don’t fix it” mentality. Therefore mo one will emphasize the value of privacy until all of there information gets stolen and unfortunately a cyber attack might be essential in pushing us towards a more private world. Eventually people will want some type of security in the event of a cyber war or hacking and companies such as telegram are in a perfect position to inherit such cyber responsibilities.