Podcasting was a lost art and is making a comeback as of recent. My traditional experience with podcasts were ones covering topics of sports or talk shows that didn’t air on the radio. I think as a culture we got caught up in the technological boom and forgot about how powerful the relic of ones voice can be. There’s obviously a personable element to live tv interviews. But focus increases and greater attention is paid to the voice and words one speaks on a podcast because all we have for those are our ears. Anyways as we were distracted with snapchat and instagram updates,  good old podcast were too covering a lot of ground. So much so that I found myself subscribed to two daily podcasts on sound cloud as of last year. One was comedic satire and the other changed the way I saw podcasts forever. As I said earlier podcasts contained an old school stigma in my pubescent mind  but this presumption soon vanished when i discovered Npr’s podcast page. NPR is short for national public radio, it is the most unbiased news source one can listen to offering opinions and stories from every angle. I initially listened to npr because of the way it shared the news and how dynamic their field teams were.


As time went on I began exploring other shows and it took me to listening to NPR on the radio to realize that their podcasts online contained so much more than news, they covered movie reviews, life stories, interviews with authors and religion. Their diversity in content has kept me busy since first discovering podcasts. Everyone now a days watches shows on Netflix or reads the news on twitter but the real magic lies within those podcasts. Returning back to the basics and appreciating series is eye-opening and informational. Following a podcast show can be as fun as anything on Netflix if you have the patience for it. Podcasts are similar to reading books in the sense that you have to focus on the words and your mind has a free range of what you see and imagine. This  causes you to paint your own pictures out of what your hearing, ultimately increasing creativity and maybe even vocabulary. I’m not saying to stop using new age technology like Netflix or twitter but balancing what you enjoy watching/doing across multiple sources can only increase ones capacity for success and ultimately articulation. They say that you are supposed to surround yourself with people smarter than you and what better way to artificially do this than listen to any creative genius of your choosing. As I said earlier, podcasting is often overlooked but it has continuously produced some of the most important informational content we have available today. To respark my interests in podcasts I’m kicking my first podcast off with a minor California surf culture summary followed by some coastal recommendations.