Marketing campaigns and techniques are the epicenter of some of the most famous brands/companies we enjoy in 2017. From Nike commercials to Geico billboards we are surrounded by marketing techniques. Even if we don’t immediately see something our brain recognized images subliminally and has the power to store and remember something even if we don’t really recal seeing something. A big example of this is in movies, if someone grabs a cold bottle of sprite and I go to the store later I’ll be more inclined to to grab a sprite. Many other soda company’s utilize subliminal messaging in there marketing techniques. It is the culture of a brand  that is being broadcasted during marketing so some companies have taken heat for false advertisements. Like McDonald’s below.


Even on the radio, the voice a company choses and what they have that voice talk about says a lot about their company with merely audio, imagine how memorable the ad is with visual reinforcement as well. We also learned about geographic contextual advertising which is represented by viewing or hearing ads based on your location. The best example of this is when using apps such as instagram or twitter ones timeline has ads featuring local brands or movies. Facebook goes a step beyond using geographic location by displaying adds based on web shopping or browser history in general. I’ve been staring at the same pair of shoes i looked at two weeks ago since i went on amazon. Marketing in 2017 is so much more advanced than even ten years ago because of it’s reach. By reach I am referring to how given companies not only have access to reach consumers on social platforms but are given priority on such platforms as well. It is said that if they reach a mere 2% of their audience then the ad is considered effective. Mobile technologies in marketing have also given the consumer some control by featuring ratings and reviews of restaurants and buisness’s on apps like google maps or waze. Google allows you to google any type of food and displays a rating(out of five stars) and hours of operation. Despite all ratings and reviews word of mouth and the evangelist costumer are the most effective form of advertisements. Companies also take to blogs and social media pages for advertisement and this is a very effective way of spreading and promoting brand culture without imposing as much as a paid for add. There are however some bad examples of when companies themselves write reviews for their company but for the most part commercial blogs are rarely critizied and do nothing more than promote a company’s image and culture.images.png