At 21 years old I’ve been fortunate enough to call more than one place home. I was raised in the San Francisco bay area, then my mom took my sister and I to Seville when I was 14. After a year in Andalucía I moved to Minnesota for two years. Then I went back home to California with the family to and graduated high school. Since high school(3years) I have been at the University of Arizona in Tucson.  Currently i’ve been abroad  studying  in Barcelona, 20 out of 120 days specifically. This blog was inspired by a class and is meant to document my studies and travels  and could potentially manifest into something more. This space is to tell you about me but it seems counterintuitive to struggle to explain who I am on a platform where I am about to literally stream my conscious. I don’t know why or how you got here but thank you for reading whoever you are and don’t be a stranger.