Guest speaker


During wednesday session we were graced with a  guest speaker represting the well known Catalan beer Estrella dam. She somehow manages all of the social media for Estrella Dam. what was unique about her story was that she truly started from the ground up. By ground I am referencing her project not her job level for Estrella entrusted her a great deal to be responsible for such a task. With that being said when she was initially assigned the duty of social media, social media wasn’t as pervasive as it is today. Sure ten years ago media platforms such as Facebook or Skype were around but the clientele wasn’t as available as today per say . Facebook for example has since become so big that I could go online right now and know exactly what my grandma is doing via her daily posts. A grandma posting to facebook even five years ago was unheard of let alone everyday. So she was in the right place at the right time but her position allowed her to grow the companies popularity via platforms and an annual video

The videos we watched each told a similar mediterranean themed story. Each year the story budget has gone up and she grew her budget from 100k the first year to 1 million last year. The annual videos add character and explanation to the brand and this is a perfect addition to the social media pages. In terms of the pages on twitter and instagram it is rare to find the actual product in them. This strategy works because Estrella(she) focuses on painting the mediterranean lifestyle. Upon visiting a brand page it is impossible to forget about the product behind the brand so featuring pictures of places like costs brava or Mallorca allows consumers to relate Estrella with their lifestyles. I too feel mediterranean when drinking estrella at bars or on the beach. On twitter their game plan was a little different, there page is simply a calendar of events that they sponsor. Such events include anything from a concert to a film festival. Again not incorporating the actual drink in physical helps their popularity because people begin associating the drink with events and venues that they love to go to. This technique of leaving the actual beer out of their marketing campaigns is great because they are merely building their image. Estrella isn’t the first to use this technique, companies like red bull have embodied and focused on the extreme sports and since their brand success has skyrocketed. The motto is that redbull gives you wings and because of their marketing you cant see someone back flipping a dirt bike or parachuting without there brand logo. Redbull is as common around action sports as gopro. It is insane for a drink to be compared to a high intensity camera but redbull reach is long because of sponsorship but more importantly linking their brand to the action lifestyle. I strongly believe in the “fake it till you make it mindset

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