Mobile Journalism

Story telling is something that we as humans have been doing since our existence and will continue to do as time carries on. The central idea behind storytelling is still present but the way in which we report news is ever evolving. Old legends told over campfires turned to public broadcasts of interviews. More recently telling a story to millions has been simplified to pulling out your phone and recording yourself. What comes with mobile journalism in addition to efficiency is mobility. Given these mobile journalists are utilizing platforms such as twitter and facebook to get there message out, the tap of their thumb has the power to inform the whole world about anything. Unfortunately this strength and potential for influence can be a weakness in the wrong hands. For example anybody can become twitter famous and people become famous for doing rather dumb things. The fact that they are “twitter famous”, though, means that they have a collective of individuals listening to whatever deranged stories they decide to tell. Same could potentially hold true for journalists, anybody can buy a tripod and everybody has access to an iphone. With that being said we can rely on the validity of the news source they are reporting for and weed out amateurs if you will. I think this new direction that journalism is heading is great because of the increased accessibility it grants people. In class someone mentioned how bulky and hard a camera is to get around but an iphone goes and sees everything we do and is no bigger than the palm of your hand. Such versatility has granted reporters the ability to share things and events that restrict camera’s and tv. I do think that a regulation with mobile journalism will come eventually but by then I’m confident there will be a simpler more effective type of journalism.


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