Zen in the (social) network life.

There’s no question that the topic of social media is heavily debated. Conversations about  millennial’s time spent on “that tiny screen” seem to occur more and more. More often than not the  question being asked is are social media platforms bad. Flat out, point blank are apps such as twitter and facebook ruining the way we communicate with each other? The flaw in this question is that it’s hypothetical, twitter and facebook have already been influencing us for years now. The question of whether these social networks are good or bad is outdated because whatever impact they have had on us is past tense.With that being said the way we communicate is crucial because it shapes our culture and who we are. New social networks birthed a new culture, ideals, and even a new set of rules and guidelines. My age demographic has witnesses this technological boom and in a sense were the technological boom. We are living in a technological growth so rapid that we don’t even know the/our potential. More often than not those deeming social media and  such accessibility as bad are from an older generation. Us millennial’s are literally watching this new culture grow, the older demographic is watching theirs deteriorate. No one writes letters anymore, no one uses pay phones and some people don’t even feel the need to talk because they can express themselves online better. The disappearance of this old culture is at the root of older peoples skepticism about everyone staring at those screens. With that being said, there are many negatives surrounding social media. Just like anything, people abuse platforms and this is where the concern is at. In moderation, gmail, twitter and instagram are healthy and progressive but only in moderation. It is easy for these apps to take over your life, however if used properly these apps can cause great joy and even convenience. There is a reoccurring theme that could be applied here: the platforms are not the problem but the users are. As long as you surround yourself with a health community both online and offline one should live in harmony both on the web and in real life. The problems occur when people let these networks take over there lives. When someone sends a friend request instead of actually approaching them, when someone updates snapchat every 30 seconds instead of enjoying what there cameras pointed at. Social media should be used as a tool and not a drug and as long as we respect this we in will be okay.


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